UV disinfections systems have already been widely used in hospitals for over 75 years to effectively sterilize the most stubborn of pathogens.

UV-C light is germicidal – i.e., it deactivates the DNA of bacteria, virus and other pathogens and thus destroys their ability to multiply and cause disease.


Elevators, a weak point in our travels

40 Times More Bacteria

Elevators carry 40 times more bacteria than public toilet seats according to a study from the University of Arizona

Elevators make 18 Billion passenger trips per year

On average each elevator carries 20,000 people per year per elevator


Viruses like Covid-19 last on steel and plastic for 3 days


After someone sneezes, coughs or speaks loudly Covid-19 can remain airborne for up to 3 hours

UV-C System

The light system is installed inside the elevators and activated when the infrared system detects no human presence inside.  Sweeping the area with penetrating UV rays and killing all virus and bacteria inside both airborne and on surfaces.  The system needs to only run for 10-15 min intervals


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Airplane UVC Video

Fighting COVID on airplanes

Ultra Violet Assoc 

Fact sheet related to UV-C and Covid from the International Ultra Violet Association

Control the Spread

Ultraviolet Light Could Control the Spread of Covid-19 and Other Pandemics

White Paper

UV-C paper published showing its effects on hundreds of viruses and bacteria


Smart Elevators

Fighting COVID-19 with Smart Elevators that Automatically Disinfect when Empty

Keeping Buildings Safe

As building managers scramble to keep their buildings clean and safe during pandemic companies are using technology to help stay ahead

Duke Health UVC Video

Duke Health: Benefits of disinfecting patient rooms with UVC light Video

UV-C Lamps

How lamps with UV-C radiation can help reduce health risks


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